2018-2019 Board Members

President, Keeley Van Namen; Ex-Officio, Ashley Lane; Vice-President,Mary Margaret Pyron; Recording Secretary, Andrea Hutchinson; Treasurer, Carrie Smith; Asst. Treasurer, Heather Vance; Projects Placement, Aleesha McDonald; Public Relations, Shelly Collins; and Finance, Haley Moak; Scholarship, Ashley Harrell and Education, Amy Killebrew.

Committee placements

Associate Life: Haley Mayhan (chair) Kelly Brasher, Tiffany Goff, Lacey Harrell, Lindsey Harville, Lisa Holland, Carie Housel, Aleesha McDonald, Carrie Smith; Grant: Mary Margaret Pyron (chair), Heather Wood; In-Service: Kathryn Shirley (chair) Shelly Collins, Leslie Holland, Katie McElwrath, Haley Moak, Lindsey Tribble, Heather Vance, Dian Waits Self-Evaluation:  Tasha Brown (chair), Andrea Hutchinson;  Scholarship: Ashley Harrell; Christmas Float: Jennifer Brunson (chair) Vicky Braswell, Tina Carpenter, Chasity Denley, Amanda Ferguson, Erin Ford, Jennifer Greer, Amy Kilgore, Lauren Sulton; In-House: Ashley Lane ; Project Research/CN: Katie Robinson; Communication: Shonna Viner (chair), Kathryn Cox; Education: Amy Killebrew(chair), Kate Barton.

active Members

Kate Barton, Kelly Brasher, Vickie Braswell, Tasha Brown, Jennifer Brunson, Tina Carpenter, Shelly Collins, Kathryn Cox, Chasity Denley, Amanda Ferguson, Erin Ford, Tiffany Goff, Jennifer Greer, Ashley Harrell, Lacey Harrell, Lindsey Harville, Leslie Holland, Lisa Holland, Carie Housel,  Andrea Hutchinson, Amy Kilgore, Amy Killebrew, Ashley Lane, Haley Mayhan, Aleesha McDonald, Katie McElwrath, Randy McKibben, Haley Moak, Mary Margaret Pyron, Katie Robinson, Kathryn Shirley, Carrie Smith, Lauren Sultan, Lindsey Tribble, Heather Vance, Keeley Van Namen, Shonna Viner, Dian Waits and Heather Wood.   

Provisional Members

Madison Bennett, Allye Douglas, Ginger Gober, Kayla Harville, Ginger Makamson, Kristen Swearengen and Laurie Tassin.